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In the final of the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League, where they competed for the 5th time, the yellow-dark blue team, who won the cup for the first time, returned to the ING Women’s Basketball Super League without having time to celebrate.

2 days after becoming the European champion, Fenerbahçe started the semi-finals in the Süper Lig and advanced to the final by beating Galatasaray Çağdaş Factoring 2-0. Yellow-dark blue team matched with ÇBK Mersin Yenişehir Municipality in the final of the Europa League. Although Mersin representative hosted the first 2 matches of the final series, the yellow-dark blue team passed these matches without any loss and made the situation 2-0.

Fenerbahçe’s experienced playmaker Merve Aydın, who will play the third game of the series tomorrow, made a statement to the AA correspondent.

Expressing that she is very happy with the championship they have experienced in the FIBA ​​Women’s Europa League, Merve said, “I cannot express this happiness in words. It is a great honor to achieve this success in such a meaningful period. I think we deserve this success as a team. It has been very good from the beginning of the season until today. We worked hard. We rewarded our efforts and crowned them with a trophy.” he said.

Reminding that Fenerbahçe had lost the Europa League 4 times in the final, the 29-year-old playmaker said:

“Losing the final 4 times before was more of a motivation than a pressure. To a well-deserved trophy that was missed at the last moment and never came, ‘Now this is ours. We will do whatever it takes and we will win it.’ ‘Will the same things happen again?’ “We didn’t think so. We are aware that we are a very good team, we played the game with self-confidence and without any doubt that the result would be in our favor. This was also reflected in the result. Fenerbahçe Sports Club is a community that has already deserved the Europa League championship with its efforts. I participated this season, but I am very happy on behalf of the community that we have achieved this success.”

“We have one more goal”

Merve Aydın expressed that they want to celebrate the double championship by winning the Super League after the Europa League.

Explaining that they could not find time to celebrate the European championship due to heavy fixtures, the yellow-dark blue basketball player said, “We have reached our goal, but we have one more goal. That is to win the Turkish League. We won the cup and it is very important to fight like a champion team. Our biggest motivation is to win the season with a double cup. “We have not had time to celebrate the Europa League championship, but we will celebrate when the time comes. We are very strong mentally. It is a very busy fixture, there is fatigue, but we go out and do what is necessary. This is us, we are Fenerbahçe.” used the phrases.

Fenerbahçe Alagöz Holding will host ÇBK Mersin Yenişehir Municipality tomorrow in the third match of the ING Women’s Basketball Super League final series. Yellow-dark blue people will reach the championship if they win the competition to be held at the Metro Energy Sports Hall.

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