Disputes in the ski team. We need to double the salary, asks the star

The Swedish national cross-country skiing team, probably thanks to the absence of the Russians, experienced a record-breaking successful winter. He brought back 12 medals from the World Cup and amassed a total of 43 podium finishes in the World Cup during the season, which is his best record in history.

But now the preparations for the next season are slowly starting, new contracts for the representatives are being prepared, and with that the old familiar scarecrow has appeared. Financial reward disputes. Similar to Czech star Ester Ledecká, a trio of elite Swedes delayed signing a national team contract for a long time last year.

Linn Svahnová, Frida Karlssonová and Maja Dahlqvist spent the entire preparation outside the national team and finally signed the important contract in November.

Halfvarsson already described the union’s remuneration as “horribly bad” and now he has spoken again. “The way it is now, it is not good. We want a change,” he assessed to the newspaper Expressen the current state, where he and his national team mates receive a base of 200,000 Swedish crowns per year (Over 400,000 CZK). He would imagine roughly twice as adequate.

He would like the amount to correspond to the average Swedish salary, which is approximately SEK 440,000. “As it stands, we don’t even have a real salary. But we who are in the A team should have it. And those who are B should receive what they have been giving us so far,” the 34-year-old veteran outlined his ideas.

He considers a more than two-fold increase to be adequate. “Yes, that would be good. But the main thing is that it goes up. Whether it ends up being 300,000 or 400,000 remains to be seen,” he continued.

However, the director of the cross-country section at the ski association, Lars Öberg, sharply cut down on thoughts of a four hundred thousand annual salary. “No, it won’t be 400 thousand. But that’s what we’re dealing with. By how much we can increase the amount, I can’t say yet,” said Öberg.

Similar disputes with elite representatives were resolved by the neighboring Norwegian ski association, where the rewards for runners ranged from NOK 130 to 310,000 depending on performance.


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