Dani Alves’s friend hints that the victim approached the footballer “dancing and rubbing against each other”

Dani Alves’s friend, Bruno Brazilwanted to provide some details about the night in the sutton disco and to contextualize the messages that were exchanged via Instagram with the cousin of the rape complainant as a result of her recent publication in various media.

As reported by ‘Y Ahora Sonsoles’ this Friday, Bruno conveyed that he is “fed up” of everything being manipulated about what happened and has said that he is convinced of the footballer’s innocence. As he explained, the three young women went to the VIP table where he was with Dani. Once there, they talked and danced animatedly. “Dani spoke with all of them, like me, but more with her (the complainant), who approached him, at times dancing and rubbing against each other, drawing his attention». He assures that he even got in front to avoid photos and give them privacy. For Bruno, the atmosphere was normal for a night out and there was good vibes.

«At a moment, I see that they go separately to the bathroom; they go in and out separately and spend about 15 minutes». He explains that the young woman was decided where Alves was, while he stayed chatting around the VIP table with his friends. It was when the Instagram contacts with one of them were given.

As he recounted, Dani returns, stays with them and then approaches another table. Later, the complainant returns to where her cousin was chatting with Alves’ friend. “We talked all normal, nothing strange was said. She gives me a give me 5 and her cousin kisses me on the cheek before leaving».

Bruno insisted that he knows Dani’s values ​​well and would never hurt a woman or enter her space without her permission.

About the messages sent to the cousin on Instagram, he assures that he had liked it and could not imagine that all this would happen the next day. “For me it was a relaxing night and we were having a good time. As we talked, we discovered that we were even neighbors. And that’s why I start the conversation on Instagram by saying exactly where I live in case one day I needed something and keep in touch as friends. Shortly after she blocked me and deleted the conversation. I can never justify what I don’t know what happened », she affirms.

Dani Alves has been in provisional prison since January 20 for an alleged rape of a young woman awaiting the date of the trial as her request for release was denied. Next Monday the 17th he will testify again at his own request before the investigating judge in Barcelona.


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