CSC urges comedians to ‘ban aggressive comedy and black humour’

This is a message from the Superior Council of Communication to professionals in the performing arts on the occasion of the National Week of Culture Bobo 2023.


The National Week of Culture offers the opportunity for Burkinabè artists to express their talents in various fields. Thus, all the cultural expressions of the thirteen regions of the country come together to magnify the rich heritage, the diversity and celebrate the living together of the populations. Music, dance, theatre, literature, slam and several other artistic forms rub shoulders and mutually enrich each other while promoting the knowledge of our different regions in terms of culinary arts, traditional wrestling, archery…

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The performing arts occupy an important place in this national meeting of giving and receiving. This 20th edition takes place at a time when our country is going through difficult times and it is precisely to show the resilience of our people that the authorities, through the Ministry in charge of Culture, have pulled out all the stops so that this edition keep all its promises.

Together, we can and must help our country emerge quickly from this difficult situation. In this sense, performing arts professionals have a major role to play. Indeed, humour, comedy, theater and dance prove to be effective communication tools in all situations. They are means of defense against situations that cause pain, stress, discouragement, the temptation to give up the fight through this existential attitude which implies knowing how to laugh at oneself. By releasing with detachment the pleasant and unusual aspects of reality, the comedian, the actor, and in a global way, the artist can contribute with his know-how to resilience.

This is why the Superior Council of Communication is taking the opportunity of National Culture Week to address this exhortation to comedians, actors and all professionals in the performing arts. In this period of fragility in our country, the CSC invites you to banish aggressive comedy and black humor which are potentially harmful to social cohesion and demeaning.

On the contrary, he urges you to:

  • give priority to themes aimed at social cohesion and living together;
  • sensitize the public and populations on the dangers relating to stigmatization, xenophobia, regionalism, religious intolerance;
  • highlight the achievements and acts of bravery of the FDS and the VDP;
  • take into account the sensitivity of security information during shows;
  • encourage youth to mobilize and join the war effort;
  • contribute to the mobilization of public opinion in the fight against terrorism;
  • valuing joking kinship;
  • protect young audiences against certain remarks likely to have a negative impact on their full development;
  • prepare public interventions in advance.

Journalists, Communicators, Artists and Burkinabè from all socio-economic components constitute in their own entity an essential link in the fight for the return of peace and social cohesion in our country. So let’s join hands to get going!

Happy celebration of National Culture Week!

Long live Burkinabè culture in all its diversity and richness!

Ouagadougou, April 27, 2023

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2023-04-27 14:01:09
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