Costa del Sol Málaga will have to come back at home

He Costa del Sol Malaga he will have to come back in Carranque if he wants to be in the semifinals of the play off of the Iberdrola Warrior League. The #CaminoALaGloria began uphill after being defeated in the first leg of the quarterfinals at Caja Rural Aula Valladolid (25-24). The panthers did not kill the game when it was in their hands and those of Miguel Ángel Peñas got up to put the series on the ropes. Next Saturday, at 6:00 p.m., the malagueñas must assert the field factor to get the ticket that gives access to continue fighting for the title.

The set of Suso Gallardo He left with one more march to a blue heart where only they knew what it was to win this season. an exceptional Silvia Arderius He had the handle and translated into the score (3-6). His afternoon would be noteworthy (10 goals), although without the icing on the cake. There was a first moment to break with a rival exclusion, but the Costa del Sol Málaga did not execute. The Valladolid women held on, already on the shoulders of a spectacular Jimena Laguna. He would finish with 12 goals in an outstanding individual evening. It was now María Pérez who took center stage in the visiting rotation and with several goals she gave air. Sara Bravo opened the gap at halftime (11-15).

Merche Castellanos I raised the wall with a dozen stops and there was the road. The Malaga team had that first moment in the series, which lacked a fang. Estela Doiro He put the maximum with 13-18 and the first alarms went off. But Suso Gallardo’s team entered the barrier, which chained one loss after another. The blind was lowered in attack and Aula Valladolid grew, with little to lose in this series. He didn’t know what it was like to sell the Panthers on this course until this Sunday. youThe visiting coach had to stop it because the locals were grown and they were coming uphill (18-18).

Soon they took advantage again, they hadn’t had it from the beginning, (20-19) and then it appeared Elena Square to contain. A few good minutes from the malagueñas made it possible to turn it around with Virginia Fernández emerging in goal (23-24). There was still time to get something positive out of Huerta del Rey. The castellanas stopped it and it had an effect. First Elba Álvarez matched it and then Jimena Laguna from seven meters certified a tough defeat. Carranque’s bullet remains with 60 minutes to go. There is no longer a network for Costa del Sol Málaga.

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