Complete overview of the NCAA Final Four

March Madness 2023 – Here we are! This Saturday evening, the four teams still in contention in the tournament will cross swords one last time to give themselves a chance to win the national title on Monday evening.

That’s it, it’s time: the “March Madness” switches to April, which means that (very) serious things are starting. After two particularly exciting weeks since this 2023 edition of the tournament was marked by many “upsets”, we come to the outcome of the 2022/23 NCAA season: the “Final Four”.

An absolutely historic final four since for the first time in the history of the “March Madness”, no seeded #1, #2 or #3 appears. So, Miami (#5), Connecticut (#4), Florida Atlantic (#9) et San Diego State (#5) will therefore offer an original and refreshing “Final Four” tonight, one year after an edition totally dominated by the “Blue Bloods” (North Carolina, Duke, Kansas and Villanova).

Moreover, with the exception of Connecticut, which has already won four titles in the past (1999, 2004, 2011 and 2014), no program qualified for the “Final Four” this season has already won a national title. There is therefore a 75% chance that the new champion will unlock his counter this Monday evening…

So much for the decor. Now let’s go over the two posters.

Connecticut vs. Miami, « the show will go on »

An unmissable match, clearly the most enticing of this final four and perhaps even the most enticing of the whole tournament. In any case, one thing is certain: it is the most easily affordable match. Regular consumer of the NCAA or simple fan of the orange ball and sports in general curious to know the brilliant atmosphere of a “Final Four” university, this poster will undoubtedly satisfy everyone, despite a “between- two” planned around… 3am.

For spectators who are usually more connected to the NBA, this will be an opportunity to discover in advance the names that will most likely be found as soon as the return to the Great League begins. To start with Jordan Hawkins (No. 24), the back of Connecticut. From the height of his 96 meter, the young Husky fits into the literal and historical definition of a “shooting guard”, an excellent outside shooter with magnificent shooting mechanics that is triggered quickly (16.3 points at 39% behind the arc on 7.7 attempts this season). Promised to the Top 20 or even to the “lottery” next June, he will be the key element of the Huskies in attack.

We also advise to keep an eye on his colleague in the “backcourt”, Andre Jackson Jr. A kind of all-rounder in Connecticut’s game (6.8 points, 6.4 rebounds and 4.7 assists), he is not a “flashy” player but proves to be terribly effective and above all valuable for his teams on both sides of the field. . He is clearly the heart and soul of his team, and his future after this tournament is definitely the NBA.

On the Miami side, two future NBAers also to follow: Isaiah Wong (#2) and Jordan Miller.

The former is the Hurricanes’ leading scorer (16.2 points on 45% shooting this season), and his team’s offensive phases start almost all the time in his hands. Not really a pure point guard or a natural back, he’s a very talented scorer combo-guard, especially in isolation. A bit like a Cam Thomas for example, but more effective. The second is Miami’s starting winger, and he knows how to do everything: score (15.4 points at 55% on shots), grab rebounds (6.1 catches), create advantageous situations (2.7 assists) and defend (1.3 interceptions). His team’s X factor in this “Final Four”, and a solid future contributor to an NBA team.

The other reason that should ensure pleasure for the eyes of as many people as possible is the attack. Because these two teams are a hit in this area this season: Connecticut has the third best offensive rating in the whole country with 120.8 points scored on 100 possessions, while Miami is in fifth place with 119.6 points scored on 100 possessions. Clearly, we will witness an “up-tempo” match during which the phases of “pick-and-roll” and outside shots will follow one another…

Pronostic de

Basketball USA : Connecticut.

Florida Atlantic vs. San Diego State, the duel of the needy

Less “flashy” on paper at first glance, this second semi-final, be sure, will also be a great basketball game. In a different style, since if Connecticut – Miami promises to be a huge offensive duel between two nuclear attacks carried out by future NBA players, this confrontation between the Owls and the Aztecs should indeed be more closed from this point of view, with seasoned and experienced players on the university circuit.

There will be less speed on offense, more half-court play, and rough, physical defense in the key. A match more “animal”, more balanced between attack and defense, in short. Something to delight fans of trench battles.

Balance is precisely the strength of Florida Atlantic: the 24th best offensive rating in the country (114.7 points on 100 possessions) for the 30th best defensive rating (95.7 points against 100 possessions). Opposite, a real defensive fortress since San Diego State displays the fourth best defense in the country (89.8 points against 100 possessions)!

Pronostic de Basket USA : Florida Atlantic.

Television / Schedules

– Florida Atlantic vs. San Diego State from 00h10 (Bein Sports 3 or the ESPN Player).

– Connecticut vs. Miami from 02:50 (Bein Sports 3 or the ESPN Player).



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