Club Puebla vs Bravos of Juarez

Club Puebla vs Bravos of Juarez

In a duel of vital importance in his aspirations, the town of the strip got three true gold points, winning by a score of 2 goals for 0 to the Bravos of Ciudad Juárez, this at the start of the cabalistic Day 13 in Liga MX, the one that took place on Friday night on the grass of the Benito Juárez stadium in the border city.

It was the locals who soon sought to do damage, when at 3 on the clock, Iván Rodríguez came out to cut off a dangerous approach by Jordan Sierra in three quarters of the field, however, the ball remained within denzell garcia who tried to score from almost midfield, but the ball did not lead to the goal.

A situation that was replicated shortly after, at 16, when Jordan Sierra took advantage of a bad defensive rebound to the center from a corner kick by the right winger to shoot a shot that went past the side of the camotero bow.

brave continued to lurk, just at 36, when Maximiliano Olivera sent a cross to the far post from a corner kick from the right-hand corridor, which Alejandro Arribas He finished off with a header in the small area, but the header hit outside the goal defended by ‘Araña’ Rodríguez.

On the 34 mark, Javier Salas received a magnificent pass from Gabriel Fernández, who controlled and tried his luck from outside the area, but the shot went centimeters from the goal defended by ivan rodriguezwho breathed by keeping the 0 to 0.

Shortly before the half-time break, at 37, after a lousy attempt to Alfredo Talavera for cutting backlash The fringe, where Facundo Waller scored the ball to remove the goalkeeper, but Maximiliano Olivera miraculously managed to clear the danger, decreeing the 0 to 0 at halftime.

Already in the complement, at 59, Gabriel Fernández received with his chest on the edge of the area and accommodated his body to perform a Chilean kick, but the shot went with little power into the hands of the goalkeeper.

When crossing 67 on the clock, after the VAR review for a possible hand of Carlos Salcedo, the referee Diego Montaño decided to indicate the maximum penalty, which at 69, Martin “The Gas Station” Barragan made valid from the eleven steps to decree the 0 by 1 partial.

When the match was going through its replacement stage, at 97, Federico Mancuello took advantage of the fact that Bravos was badly stopped and drove at speed to define smoothly with a cross shot before the start of Alfredo Talavera, which resulted in the final 0-2.



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