Cheukoua saves Lustenau Last-minute draw in Ried – Austria Lustenau –

Cheukoua scored the late 4:4 for Lustenau.

Despite a 3-1 lead, Austria from Lustenau had to draw 4-4 in Ried and thus provided a small helping hand for Altach.

Lustenauer Austria made a guest appearance at bottom-placed team SV Ried and of course didn’t want to concede any points to Altach’s direct competitor. In the first half it also looked strong for Schützenhilfe. After just five minutes, Beganovic gave Lustenau a penalty after a handball, which Fridrikas used to make it 0-1 early on. But in the 20th minute, Beganovic made up for his mistake and made it 1-1 after a serious defensive error. A balanced duel then developed in which the guests from Lustenau made it 1:3 before the break with a double strike from Diaby (36th) and Fridrikas (41st).

Ried turns the game

However, Rieder didn’t give up yet and scored a goal through Madritsch shortly after the break. And already in the 57th minute, Lang even managed to equalize after Chabbi’s preliminary work. The Rieder recharged their batteries and tried their luck on the offensive. Nevertheless, a standard situation and an unfortunate action by Maak was necessary to make it 4:3 – the Lustenau defender headed the ball into his own goal after an extended free kick.

In the 78th minute, coach Mader brought on Cheukoua and showed a good touch. Because the joker not only brought new momentum into the game, but also scored the equalizer to make it 4:4 in the 93rd minute. This means that the Lustenauers remain at the top of the table with a three-point lead over the WAC and at least provided some support for Altach, which is still one point ahead of Ried in the penultimate place.

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