Carabinieri checks in Val d’Arda: baseball bats, drugs and withdrawn licenses

During the Easter holidays, territorial control services were intensified with particular regard to the provincial road network, public places and areas where young people usually meet. In fact, the Fiorenzuola carabinieri, in addition to carrying out some checkpoints along the main road arteries, especially in the evening and at night, have also carried out some prevention services to prevent crimes against property being committed. Until yesterday, in the area just over 80 vehicles and about 150 people controlled. Three young people reported as drug users, a 41-year-old motorist reported for carrying objects capable of offending and a withdrawn license. This is an initial assessment of the work carried out by Fiorenzuola’s company.

In Alseno, near the cemetery, two young men aged 30 and 36 were surprised by the carabinieri of the Castell’Arquato station as they were preparing to consume drugs. On each of them the military found a few doses of heroin ready to be consumed. Both were reported to the Prefecture as drug users.

A 32-year-old worker, this time stopped and checked by the Gropparello station patrol along the Via Emilia near Cadeo while he was aboard his car, was found in possession of a few grams of hashish, immediately seized. His driving license was withdrawn and the car was entrusted to an acquaintance. The patrol of the Villanova station, on the same day always on the Via Emilia near Cadeo, intervened following a dispute for futile reasons between two motorists, while they were on their respective vehicles.

A 41-year-old employee was reported for threatening and carrying offensive objects. In fact, the man shortly before had threatened the driver of another car with a baseball bat and then had walked away. The military tracked him down and stopped him not far away and in the car they found a baseball bat about 50 cm long, which he did not justify his possession, which was seized, while the complaint was filed for the 41-year-old.

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