Broun on the incidents in the classic: a “slap on the wrist” and why he decided to play despite his injury

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The boring Rosario classic between Newell’s and Central that ended tied last Sunday was played because Jorge Broun gave his endorsement. The rogue goalkeeper was hit by the fireworks launched by the red and black fans at the exit of his team to the Colossus and he suffered a cut on his face that, quietly, could have triggered the suspension of the match. But despite being stunned by the buzz and because the wound on his cheekbone was not serious, he did everything in his power to make the game happen. “It shouldn’t have happened, but I felt in a position to continue and the important thing was to play”explained in the program from 12 to 14 (Three).

Fatura recounted the moments before receiving the impact of what, he presumes, was a flare or the so-called three shots. “We left the locker room -underneath the popular one of the Hipódromo- walking to enter through the middle and we passed through the side line, next to their audience, but at no time did I look at the stands, I was thinking about the game”, he recalled.

At that moment, he felt the blow in his chest, an explosion and the subsequent burning of the cut on the right cheekbone: “Immediately we left that area and it had a little blood. If the wound had been higher up and it hit me in the eye, we would be talking about something else”.

Noticing what had happened, his teammates, the referee Pablo Ecvhavarría and the Newell’s players, a gesture that thanked him especially to his colleague Lucas Hoyosthey began to ask him how he was doing and if he could start the classic.

I told the referee ‘I’m fine and we’ll play it’, I also tried to give my companions peace of mind. I only asked the referee for a little time to attend to me and see if the buzz had gone a bit, it could have happened that it was suspended but we wanted to play, ”he said.

Broun acknowledged that the wound to his face did not affect him to play the game, but the ringing that remained in his ears due to the explosion did affect him and that only left him on Sunday night, several hours later: “I told the boys to speak loudly to me because I wasn’t listening”.

On the other hand, the Central goalkeeper referred to another of the incidents that occurred in the Coloso, in this case prior to the start of the game and when the auriazul squad arrived at the stadium by bus along a path that, for Fatu, would not have what to have taken The group, which went into the inner streets of Parque Independencia with Alejo Véliz and Gino Infantino leaning out of the roof and waving T-shirts, was stoned by a group of Newell’s fans and ended up with several smashed windows.

Broun said that he was sitting in the front and that he did not find out what happened until he got to the locker room, although he remarked that disagrees with the attitude of the two juveniles from the club: “I don’t share what they did, but the adrenaline and the moment is such. The vast majority of us are fans of the club, we experience it in the same way”.

In addition, he pointed out that “there was talk behind closed doors” and that there was a “slap on the wrist” for the kids. “We hope it won’t happen again. What happens with the Newell’s fans and the sanctions against them will depend on justice, we take care of our own, ”he said.


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