borders on perfection and does not lose in Phoenix

Cwhen the Phoenix Suns Changed NBA End of Season Rules by Acquiring Kevin Durant There was only one inconvenience or one doubt on the table: the physical state of ’35’, beyond a slow adaptation or his return to the West. ‘KD’, always a wonderful competitor and player capable of changing dynamics, is a born winner whose state of health weighs down the last few years. AND He threatened to do it in Arizona.

With very few minutes played in the Suns, Durant was injured on March 9 while warming up before the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. A fall while practicing alone, one of those that can mess up everything without eating or drinking it. He feared the worst, but a month later ‘KD’ is back. And if he comes back… he wins.

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his last 24 games played, both with the Nets and the Suns, have a balance of 22 wins and 2 losses. Durant claims to compete and since he has played for the ‘Valley’ he has only won, 5-0. Sure, there’s the adaptation part, but once he gets filmed he’s a ‘weapon of mass destruction’. With the usual qualities, based on the use of spaces, his jump shot and the question of how to defend.

Against the Denver Nuggets, leaders of the West, Durant scored 30 points in 33 minutes. Signing 11 of 15 on the shot, in a sensational performance. Nikola Jokic was not on the Colorado team, but it is a win (100-93) that puts the Suns in an important position before the Playoffs. Alongside Durant, Booker had 27 and Chris Paul dished out 13 assists. Everyone giving it their all.

A victory to learn and warn. “You can analyze and want to review everything, but what we really achieve is not sitting down, understanding game situations while on the pitch and knowing how to solve them together,” reported ‘DBook’. The adaptation of a renewed team. “We made great plays in the fourth quarter.. Okogie’s triple and those defenses when we needed it,” Durant specified. The Suns arrive launched and confident, and they have the player who can blow everything up. Is it the new time for Kevin Durant?


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