Basketball. NBA: Rudy Gobert hit teammate Kyle Anderson

Basketball.  NBA: Rudy Gobert hit teammate Kyle Anderson

Rudy Gobert, French pivot of the Minnesota Timberwolves, hit his teammate Kyle Anderson with a spontaneous punch during a timeout, this Sunday, during the match against New Orleans. His candor immediately sent him home.

Victory of the Minnesota Timberwolves against the New Orleans Pelicans (113-108). However, this is not what marked this match, capital since it opens the royal road to the play-in.

French pivot Rudy Gobert hit his teammate after a short altercation on the team bench, shortly before half-time, during a timeout.

The video is on all social networks after opening all the television news in the United States. And before that the amazement of the millions of viewers who followed the match live.

Rudy Gobert was asked by the franchise to leave the game and return home.

Chris Finch, coach of the team said that there was no question of tolerating such behavior and that the situation would be “internally managed. »

What happened ? It seems that Kyle Anderson is sometimes aggressive in the way he speaks with his teammates as his will to win is strong.

The day before, Rudy Gobert had mentioned this behavior, assuring however that he appreciated this way of seeing, this pugnacity, that he did not take these remarks for him, the wish of Kyle Anderson, according to him, being that the players, whose Rudy Gobert, be the best you can be in order to achieve victory.

This Tuesday, April 11, the Minnesota Timberwolves must face the Lakers.

Will Rudy Gobert be present or suspended? If the precedents are rare, there were two cases which were settled differently: Bobby Portis, for the same behavior, had been sidelined for the last eight games of the 2017-2018 season while Draymond Green for similar facts had simply been fined and continued the season.


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