Basketball in Ciutadella and Es Castell, final flourish

Basketball in Ciutadella and Es Castell, final flourish

After three intense days and exciting semifinalsthis Saturday they were played in the Ciutadella Ponent Little Tournament the finals, being champions: Men’s Mini A (West Ciutadella); Women’s Mini A (Citadella West); Men’s Mini B (CB Manacor) and Women’s Mini B (CCE Sant Lluís). A 16th edition that has brought together 300 participants and coaches, as well as a very large group of companions who have filled the two ‘polis’. «A success of participation that has resulted in the festive atmosphere and friendship that has been shared. A great stimulus to continue working and prepare now for the 2024 edition”, they exclaim.

Imagen del Basket is Life | CBEC

Resounding success and magical days

the tenth Basket is Life was closed with 34 teams and more than 400 players. The senior men stayed at home once again. It’s Castle victory to Saint Louis (61-51). Llefiaforceful in women, suffered in the final but ended up beating Dare (52-55), who was defending the title. The junior male winners were Minguella and Marists Ademar. The first beat Vic 69-65 and the second beat Llefià 93-51. Osona Taronja and Sineu they won in women’s, 61-50 in Gramenet and 45-42 in Osona Blanc. The bear MVP they were Enric Huguet, from Es Castell and Irene López, from Llefià (senior); Yon Pérez, from Minguella (junior A); Pau Roura, from Maristes (junior B), Joana Arumí, from Osona Taronja (junior A) and Maria Gelabert (B). And Marta López won it triple contestin front of Julen Coll.


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