“Barça would be a victim and not responsible for crime”

John Laporta after several weeks he stood up for the Negreira case. The president of FC Barcelona had spoken on occasion, but in passing. The general line until now had been that this was a campaign against the Barça club and he stressed it again in the appearance.

“None smear campaign will prevent Barça from continuing to be a reference of world sport and that it continues to be admired by millions of Catalans and Catalans and millions of people around the world. When this controversy arose, I immediately appeared and said that it was clear to me that it was one campaign orchestrated against Barcelona and that it was no coincidence”, said the blaugrana president.

UEFA opens an investigation against Barça for payments to Negreira: there may be a sanction at the European level

The Barça president affirmed that the Tax Agency assured that they could not demonstrate the payments to the companies with Enriquez Negreira. “The Tax Agency sent a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office that could not prove that the payments to companies related to Mr. Negreira influenced the outcome of any party. I do not want to be elusive from the object of the controversy. The object is technical advice from someone who has had a career in football. The advice does not constitute any type of offense or criminal offence.”

“This advice existed and there were invoices paid by transfer and has been registered in the accounting and have passed the pertinent tax reviews in what refers to my mandate from 2003 to 2010. There was no desire to hide things,” said Laporta.

Laporta also took the opportunity to thank the top leaders of national and international football. “I would like to thank the president of the RFEF, from the CSD, Mr. Rubiales and Mr. Franco. Also, to Mr. Infantino from FIFA. They have maintained a prudent attitude. They have not signed up for this lynching without trial. We do not have to follow those who seek to destabilize us. They want to control the club and take it over.”

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