Arenas, before his past: the coach from Oviedo faces the team that fired him in the middle of the season

Guillermo Arenas, coach of Alimerka Oviedo Baloncesto, wishes the LEB Oro was like Madrid, where you never run into your ex. But the competition doesn’t work that way and today at 7:00 p.m. (Vinx and LaLiga SportTV) he will have to bite the bullet to visit Ourense, a team that fired him in the middle of the season after, precisely, losing to the Carbayón team. “My head is more focused on our problems than on seeing if it’s a special game or not,” confesses the Oviedo man, who hopes to be able to take revenge on his ex with a victory that will put his permanence on track.

“Obviously it’s a different match. They are the players I worked with since the preseason and I have great memories of them,” admits Arenas, who regrets that, although everyone was doing their part to make everything go well, “it couldn’t be “. “Right now my head is in Oviedo. I prefer to focus on the things that can influence my team before thinking about the reunion,” says the coach, who believes that Ourense has changed a lot since he led the team. “With the arrivals they have won a lot in attack”, highlights the coach, who warns of the danger that the Galician team has from the three-point line, where they have up to five players with an accuracy rate above 35%.

Arenas wanted to focus on Stojan Gjuroski, a power forward who has raised his rival’s roof. “When he has returned from his injury is when everything is going better for them,” analyzes Arenas, who believes that the Normacedonian has allowed the rest of the Ourense players to increase his contribution. In addition, the coach wanted to highlight the potential of Fran Pilepic, an escort who “dropped his points”. “Let it not surprise us that, although we try to stop him in every possible way, he scores 14 points for us,” he indicates.

Going on to talk about Alimerka Oviedo Basketball, Arenas expressed his satisfaction at having a calm week, without physical problems of any kind. “The team has trained well. Right now we are all aware that each game is important and that we are going to suffer until the end,” said the coach, who sees that his squad has a different mood to face the key stretch of the season. To get a good result, the man from Oviedo thinks that his players must know that Ourense is going to go all out for the game. “If they manage to beat us, they will have almost certified permanence and they won’t have to think about anything else. The team has to be clear about that and see that they are going to come out strong for the game,” he said.

The truth is that Oviedo Basketball needs a victory that allows them to breathe easy. The carbayones have only one margin victory over relegation, so a victory in Galician lands seems like the key to closing the season calmly. Ourense, for their part, is 12th, with two more victories than the Oviedo team.


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