Análisis final Jannik Sinner – Dannil Medvedev Miami Open 2023

Análisis final Jannik Sinner – Dannil Medvedev Miami Open 2023

Jannik Sinner y Daniil Medvedev they will face each other in the final of the Miami Open 2023 in what will be the game that ends the first hard court tour, a surface that we will not see again until the summer. His arrival in this last round has been very different. On the one hand, Sinner has broken down the door by passing over Andrey Rublev and ending the winning streak of Carlos Alcaraz, who has also been deprived of the number 1. For his part, Medvedev returns to a final -his fifth in a row- making hardly any noise as he had a simpler frame, however, his solidity has made him finish off his rivals easily and confirms that beating him on this surface is really difficult.

The final this Sunday is expected to be as close as possible, as both tennis players are going through a magnificent moment of form and have barely lost matches this season. In the case of Sinner, he has only been defeated in four games while Medvedev has lost in three, some spectacular data if we take into account that so far this year they have played 25 and 31 games respectively, which shows how difficult it is being beat them so far, because in addition, they have not had any excessively high-profile defeat and their tennis in this first part of 2023 is being really good for two players who did not have the expected results last year.

H2H Medvedev vs Sinner 5-0

Russian and Italian have met five times and the result has always been the same, victory for Medvedev. In addition, it should be noted that all their matches have been on indoor hard courts, so this will be the first time they meet outdoors, which may increase Sinner’s options, which comes in a state of good shape. perfect, playing possibly the best tennis of his career, interpreting his opponent’s serves very well and dominating every rally he plays, something that with the Muscovite is not always effective due to his ability to return each ball.

That will be precisely his tactic once again, since it is in fact the one that has led him to the final. On courts that are faster than those of Indian Wells and that apparently favor attacking tennis, Medvedev feels like a fish in water playing defensively and trying to use the force that his opponent gives to the ball to counterattack. This was also the way he defeated Sinner in the final in Rotterdam, where he also had to come back from a set down, something he did with ease, leaving the 21-year-old without answers, who was fine, but couldn’t handle him. wall that raised the one that this Sunday is again his last stumbling block to achieve the title.

In any case, despite the fact that Sinner has never beaten Medvedev, this final is expected to be as even as it seems to be the moment for the Italian, who has had a perfect tournament, which makes him seem prepared to get his first Masters 1000. In addition, here he will start with more experience than his rival, since he already knows what it is to play a final on these tracks while for the Russian it will be the first time, also being the only event on hard courts in this category in which he has not he had played one last round.

Therefore, we can say that a 50% match is expected, where we will have to be aware of what Jannik Sinner does, who has shown on numerous occasions all the conclusions he draws from defeats and how well he knows how to choose the strategy as already He did against Alcaraz, so everything suggests that this time with Medvedev it will be the same and also in conditions that a priori more equal the match than when they have been measured indoors.


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