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The women’s recurve bow team had a golden weekend at the Archery World Cup, in Antalya, Türkiye. Mexico defeated China 6-0 to hang the gold medal, a long-sought medal in past editions. The victory represented a firm step, Aída Román is looking for Paris 2024, which is closer to climbing the world ranking, one of the ways that the World Archery to define the Olympic venues.

“Today we make a very good team and with the view that this good result also reflects a peace of mind for the Olympic qualification. Thanks to this good result we climbed to third place in the world ranking, that also gives you places for the Olympic Games. That will already be determined at the end of all qualifying events. If we didn’t end up in any of those, our world ranking could give us that pass,” said Aída Román, in a conversation with ESTO.

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Aída Román is happy with the team that won the medal in Antalya

The goalkeeper valued the result and the fact of having achieved it together with Alejandra Valencia and the rookie Angela Ruiz, just 16 years old. “Personally it tasted very good to me. It is the first time it has happened, very grateful, I am very happy because the work of years could be seen reflected in a very nice weekend. It is a good start, we are very happy that it has happened like this, and it also makes us think and meditate that any element of the National Team. Any of the girls that have been, can have a very good result like this. This year, whether it is Alejandra Valencia, Ángela, myself or Mariana Avitia herself, we can give excellent results, ”she added.

With the Olympic medalists Román and Valencia as pillars of the team, the women’s recurve bow team has varied the complement. On this occasion it was Ángela Ruiz, but in the past there were other archers who competed at a high level, in a reflection of the fortress that there is in the generation that arrives.

“Also, if Ana Paula or Valentina Vázquez returns in the future, anyone can give an excellent result. The women’s recurve National Team has a very good level, we have been stepping very hard and any of us can do it. We all shot very well and we make a very strong team”.

Aída Román looks for Paris 2024 and why not one more medal

The story of Aída Román was somehow written backwards. In her first Olympic Games, in London 2012, the archer surprised the world by winning the silver medal in the individual event, in what is so far the best result in the history of the discipline. Few are the things that are missing for the 34-year-old goalkeeper to win. In his palmares are medals in World Championships, in Central American and Pan American. The story, however, is not over yet.

“I would love to be able to fight for one more Olympic medal, but I want to go very calm, do my best, go fighting to get there, and if the result is given, excellent, but if it does not happen, nothing happens.

May my result not only be shaped by an event, but by an accumulation of a great story, and leave calm. SI know that the National Team has grown, the level is getting stronger, nothing happens if you don’t win a medal, but I know I’m going to fight for it”, he said.

That is my dream, to go and fight, to go and enjoy my sport, Because that’s really why I’ve been in the national team these years, because I really enjoy my sport, because I also enjoy training, I can’t just consider myself good archer, but also a good athlete. Being a good goalkeeper is not the same as being a good athlete, and I can say that I am a good athlete,” he added.

Román enjoys the tension that is experienced on the shooting line, focusing on the target, everything that involves the life of an athlete. “I like everything that is the world of sport, from preparing a training session, a competition, developing a competition, I like all of that. If I can develop more years in Archery it is not because I am obsessed with wanting to win another medal, but because I like this lifestyle, I like to do my best in each of the events, sometimes it happens, sometimes Sometimes it doesn’t happen, but I always seek to do what I like the most”.

Perseverance will be key for Aída Román to win another Olympic medal

Since her breakthrough at the 2010 Mayagüez Central American Games, where she won eight medals, Aida Román became a regular on the national team.

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“I like to be a constant person, they educated me to always have that discipline, to go to train, to focus on my training, my competitions, so that what I do in training is also reflected in a competition. I have always been focused on that, even though there is a coach or not, whether there is support or not, giving my best effort and using my resources to make the most of it. Yes, feeling sad for not having given the result, but feeling that I did my best. Being part of a national teamBeing a powerhouse in the discipline gives me a lot of peace of mind because the level is growing incredibly”.

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