Abuse of power in tennis: DTB only provides excerpts of documents

As of: 04/05/2023 6:27 p.m

After allegations of abuse of power and sexualized violence against the resigned DTB Vice President Dirk Hordorff, only excerpts of the relevant documents were made available to the person concerned.

By Andrea Schültke (WDR), Elena Kuch, Hendrik Maassen, Andreas Becker (NDR)

As reported by Sportschau, NDR and SZ, ex-professional tennis player Maximilian Abel accuses his former coach Dirk Hordorff of abuse of power and sexualized violence. The German Tennis Association (DTB) commissioned an external law firm to investigate the allegations.

The DTB has not yet released the final report to the public. When asked, the lawyer of the person allegedly affected, Maximilian Abel, confirmed that he had received excerpts of the long-requested documents on Wednesday (05.04.2023). Accordingly, the investigations could not refute Maximilian Abel’s allegations, but they could not be confirmed either.

criticism of athlete representatives

“Athleten Deutschland” – a representative of the athletes – has been accompanying the processing of the ex-professional tennis player Maximilian Abel for about a year and criticizes the way he is treated. The bandage leave “Missing the necessary sensitivity.In a press release, the club asked the German Tennis Association to issue the final report to Maximilian Abel.

He received the documents shortly after this press release was published, confirmed Abel’s lawyer Thomas Galli at the request of Sportschau, NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

questioning for statement psychological Document

Maximilian Abel is currently serving a prison sentence for credit card fraud. In prison, Abel gave an interview to the research team from Sportschau, NDR and SZ. In it he had described, among other things, that an expert had prepared a statement-psychological report on him on behalf of the law firm. He made himself available for an interview lasting several hours and received a promise that both this expert opinion and the result of the investigation report would be made available to him. Only with today’s mail to Abel’s lawyer did the DTB keep this promise after a long hesitation.

When asked, the DTB explained that a summary of the results for Abel was completed on Tuesday. Now the ex-tennis pro would “An adjusted statement-psychological report and a summary report with the essential resultsAccording to the DTB, a complete transfer of the documents is “legally prohibited”. The association gives “privacy and privacy restrictions” an.

Four sides of final report

The German Tennis Association provided Maximilian Abel with a four-page summary of the final report, as his lawyer Thomas Galli said when asked. According to the research, the actual investigation report should be much more comprehensive.

On behalf of the DTB, the external law firm also questioned other witnesses and those allegedly affected. According to research by Sportschau, NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung, there are several victims of sexualized assaults by the trainer and official Dirk Hordorff in the period from the 1980s to the 2010s.

Dirk Hordorff described the allegations against him as “simply untrue”. He resigned from his position as Vice-President of the DTB after the allegations became known. According to their own statements for health reasons.


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