A viral photo of LeBron, Kobe and Michael Jordan resurfaces and turns the canvas!

Keith Allison (CC) / Pierre Haessig (DR) / NBA (DR)

When big league stars get together to strike a pose together, it always gets a lot of attention among the fans. So imagine what happens when an old snapshot of LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is unearthed from the archives!

With Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and finally LeBron James, we hold perhaps the perfect red thread linking the 90s to the current era. The Mamba took over from their idol during the 2000s, before giving way to the King during the following decade at the top of the league. If the three men are in the Top 10 all-time players, it is clearly not without reason.

Obviously, seeing their respective match-ups on the pitch was a real phenomenon to observe, but their interactions were not limited to the orange ball. We could also see them together far from the floors and each time, it did not fail to make a monumental buzz. An old photo of this legendary trio has also resurfaced recently, showing them in the company of Carmelo Anthony:

Retro photo of Jordan, Kobe and LeBron has fans going wild

Let’s summarize the list of winners in this photo: 15 championship titles, 10 regular campaign MVPs as well as 12 Finals MVPs, 13 league leading scorer titles and a staggering total of 104,447 career points. And that’s without adding Melo’s CV (admittedly less impressive) to the equation… Under these conditions, it’s no surprise that the photo had the effect of a bomb on social networks!

JorGOAT, LeGOAT and KobGOAT, all in one picture.

We really have the three best players in history in a photo

Between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, there is absolute legend to the square centimeter in this photo. This is all the more striking since the death in 2020 of the Mamba, since we will never again have the right to such flashy meetings.



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