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Ludmila Gómez She is 16 years old, she is a prominent skater of the club Banfield and has a great future in the discipline. At her young age, she shines in the dance modality and is about to face a very important challenge as a member of the Argentine National Teamafter qualifying for the semifinals of the World Skate that will be held in Paraguay between May 8 and 15.

The athlete from Taladro made it to the national team after being crowned runner-up in the qualifier that brought together the 12 best in the country in the modality danza of the international youth category and that allowed him to get a ticket for the contest to be held in Asunción, achieving a great personal achievement.

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“The truth is that it is something beautiful. It is the reward for a very big effort, for many hours of training. For this reason, achieving these achievements means a lot to me and now I want to leave the flag of my country at the top,” remarked the athlete in a chat with newspaper the union.

However, in order to travel and represent the country, Ludmila needs around US$ 2,000 to cover the expenses accommodation, registration and air flight, but reaching that number is not easy. For this reason, with a lot of effort and great collaboration from her parents, she works hard to reach her goal.

He did a raffle in which raffled the Banfield shirt with the signature of all the players and together with his mother Claudia and his father Leonardo they toured different parts of the city, including the corner of Maipú and Vergara and the Florencio Sola stadium, until they sold every last issue. And he did it. But he still lacks to reach the desired figure. That is why he continues to ask for the help of a sponsor to continue developing in the world of roller skate.

“The truth is that what was generated was very nice. Everyone behaved very well with us. From the club that gave us the shirt so that we can do the draw to the people who spread it through social networks. They all gave us a very valuable hand. Now, after this effort, I want to give my all in the tournament and take the country’s flag to the top”, remarked Ludmila, very happy for the collaboration of all the people.

The 16-year-old is looking forward to this moment, but is also very confident about her possibilities and she also made that clear. “In sports I see myself very well, I train every day to reach the top and the truth is that I have a lot of faith for this championship. I am an athlete who always seeks to improve, to such an extent that one of my objectives in each tournament that I attend is to improve my previous record”, remarked the skater, who has defended the colors of Banfield since she was seven and is trained by Analia Martinez.

She is clear about her objectives, she knows that this championship can mean a springboard and she is excited to take a leap in her development, since winning the title would make her the best on the continent and that would bring her closer to her great dream: compete in the World Skate Games, that is, the most important contest of the discipline. Today, due to age, he cannot do it, since it is a competition from the junior category.

“I see all this as a ladder, in which I go up step by step until I reach the World Cup, which is my great dream,” remarked Ludmila, with clear ideas and specific objectives. But it is not the only one that the representative of the DrillShe also wants to have her own figure skating school to train new skaters.

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