Young man crashes his father’s car and everything is recorded on TikTok

World. A large part of car accidents occur due to distractions behind the wheel, one of the most common is the use of the cell phone while driving, whether it’s answering a call, texting, changing a song, or recording a video. A small carelessness can have fatal consequences for any driver.

This was evidenced in a clip that has been shared on different social network accounts where you can see how a young woman begins to record with her cell phone from the passenger seat. What the woman did not know was that she would record an accident where she would be harmed.

A few seconds of the driver’s distraction were enough for the vehicle to lose control and cause a strong road crash.

What seemed to be a harmless and not very risky action, since they were only waving at the cell phone camera to have a memory video, ended in an unfortunate ending because it caused material losses. In the clip you can see how the car ended up overturned on the side of the road.

It was stated that all those involved escaped unharmed.

They drove singing a song

While the young women sang a song of Sweep turning to the camera you can see how the driver cannot control the vehicle. Despite the uncontrolled screams warning that something was coming, they were of no use, since their crash was imminent.

In the clip you can see how the young woman’s cell phone hits from all sides and falls on the dashboard of the vehicle that was turned to one side. Also, seconds later the driver can be heard shouting: “I crashed my dad’s car!” The young woman’s friends try to reassure her, but it doesn’t work.

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Everything indicates that the young women did not suffer major damage after suffering the car accident. However, the video has generated all kinds of criticism against him.

“I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that the car is from dad”, “I like happy endings”, “We went out for a walk and we did about 3”, “Thanks to this video, the insurer is not responsible for anything”, you can read in the comments.

Watch the video:



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