Yeremy Pino avoids Villarreal’s defeat against Betis

A goal from Yeremy Pino, which was initially annulled and the VAR validated, in the 55th minute, allowed Villarreal to tie this Sunday against Real Betis, that began by taking the lead with a goal from Borja Iglesias in the 38th minute, after a match in which the locals dominated, but lacked great chances.

A forced header from Gerard Moreno that went wide when just two minutes were up opened a special duel for Villarreal, who turned one hundred years old on Friday, and which also meant a reunion with crossed stories with the Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, Villarreal’s coach with the most matches, and Quique Setién, who led Real Betis, of which he is a member.

The game between the two European applicants was leisurely and not very risky, Villarreal being the team that managed, with the passing of minutes, to live in a rival field commanded by Dani Parejo, that distributed the game to the left wing of Pedraza, who arrived with danger, but without clear chances.

Meanwhile, the only green and white opportunities, this Sunday dressed in blue, fThere were two corner kicks in a row that the local defense cleared without problems, but little by little, Betis began to prowl the Villarreal area with rises from Aitor Ruibal.

The game was still slow until a shot from Rodri from outside the area shook the game. The powerful shot went straight to Pepe Reina, who slipped the ball from his hands and Borja Iglesias hunted the ball in the small area to send it into the back of the net (m.38).

With the goal, the last minutes were intense with two clearances that prevented great chances. Ramón Terrats cleared a cross into the area when Ayoze and Borja Iglesias came to finish off and Germán Pezzela, with a spur, avoided the equalizer in the added minute.

The second part started with a Villarreal dedicated in search of the tie that had a first chance with a header from Yeremy Pino that Rui Silva caught and a left-footed shot from Gerard that touched a defender and came out close to the top corner.

In the 55th, Terrats crossed for Yeremy, who hit the goal with a goal a great definition to tie the game with a goal that was annulled first and that, after two minutes of review in the VAR room, went up on the scoreboard.

As in the first half, Villarreal dominated, but this time they managed to create clearer chances. Rui Silva caught a shot from Terrats (m.68) in two halves, whose intelligence and vision of the game was giving Villarreal a lot, and with Chukwuez’s imbalancee, although they lacked success in the last meters to materialize the victory against a Real Betis that saw how Reina prevailed in the air to catch several crosses without excessive danger.


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