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The Czech Republic team is preparing to play the World Baseball Classic for the first time in its history, so it will be an extremely important and special tournament for each of its players who will be representing their country.

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On the official roster of the 26 playersthere are great stories off the pitch, which will be part of all the curiosities that this World Cup event will have, which brings together the highest level of professional baseball.

These players have other facets in their lives beyond sports, because most of the protagonists of this group, they have jobs outside of baseball to be able to support their relatives, taking into account that few have been able to reach the Major Leagues.

These jobs are divided into sales, medicine, education, media, finance, among other facets, which they do while playing and practice baseball in his Amateur League of Czech Baseball Extraliga, for which he becomes an extra dedication and commitment in this World Cup participation.

Such is the commitment of these players that they perform various facets inside the field of play and outside of it, since one can carry out his performance from the mound as a pitcher and then be the press officer for all his teammates.

Therefore, they have had to learn to understand the different situations that a professional baseball team can experience, in terms of the planning, strategies, sports decisions, statements and management of their communications inside and outside it.

This is why each of the country’s performances in the World Classic, taking into account that they had to go through several defeats by European teams in more depth, but with the passing of the matches they achieved their pass to this prestigious tournament thanks to important victories against France and Germany.

The Czech Republic is in the group Bwhich will be taking place in Japan, from March 9 to 13, where it will face the selection of China, Australia, Korea and Japan, to seek a qualification for the next phase.

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