Wizards – Celtics Tip, Prediction & Odds

The Bucks and Celtics rock each other up. Because both are in the race for 1st place at the Eastern Conference – and while I don’t think the C’s can catch up with the adversary, the signs for a “win” tonight are good.

For the time being, Boston will not leave the winning road they are on so quickly, the last appearances have simply been far too dominant for that. Just the right time to stage a successful run at the NBA Finals?

Although the Celtics have won 21 of their last 26 NBA games, they have never been as dominant in that period as they have been in their last three appearances against the Kings, Pacers and Spurs.

Against these three franchises, the Celtics have scored 31 points per 100 ball possession phases more than their respective opponents over the last 144 minutes of the game – the Green-Whites turned up the heat, especially in the 2nd half.

The return of Robert Williams III back to the starting five has streamlined the C’s game. Tatum and Brown are also playing well at the moment, but it’s White who has regularly pulled the chestnuts out of the fire during the current winning streak with an average of 20.3 points.

in short: Boston is playing excellent basketball throughout and is perfectly timed to use the WIzards as another springboard tonight to terrify fellow NBA title contenders.


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