Was he a teammate with LeBron? Adult film star confesses that he was with a Lakers player


In a viral video, an adult film star confessed that he was with a player from the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. Was he a teammate with LeBron James?

© Maddie Meyer/Getty ImagesLeBron James with Lakers in the NBA

From one moment to the next, it began to have thousands and thousands of views until it exceeded 2.9 million. What happened? An adult movie star confessed that she was with a gamer Los Angeles Lakers And, as if that were not enough, another colleague also made the same confession about an NBA player. He was a partner LeBron James?

As if more suspense were missing from a season in which the Lakers struggle to overcome a losing win-loss record to qualify for the Playoffs, the confession of an adult film star left more doubts than certainties. Speculations about who the player was Los Angeles team mentioned started in 3, 2, 1…

It is not the first time that a player from Los Angeles Lakers he is linked to an adult film actress. Kendra Lust made a strong criticism of Anthony Davis for the way he acted in the scandal between Isaiah Stewart y LeBron James in the 2021-22 NBA season.

At an adult film industry event, they began to ask various stars and protagonists about their intimate lives. Not one, but two were the actresses who confessed to being with a Lakers player. Could it have been the same character? “I mean, you definitely know, like starting basketball players, rappers over the years, but never anyone that I would name., confessed one of the protagonists of this story and when they asked her about the team she did not hesitate: “Los Lakers”.

Survey Do you think it was a teammate of LeBron James?

Do you think it was a teammate of LeBron James?


Adult film star confesses that he was with a Lakers player

Before a second actress will confess that she was also with a player Los Angeles Lakers, the main protagonist of the video with more than 2.9 million views gave even details of how it had gone with the basketball player from the Californian team. Was he a teammate with LeBron James? The mystery will remain unsolved.

“I have had many players from the NFL in my DM (messages on Instagram). I had sex with an NBA player and it was 10 stars.” confessed an adult film star and when questioned by the team replied: Lakers. That’s all. That’s all you’ll get.”



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