War Aston Martin – Red Bull in the offices: Alonso’s team calls Newey, the great guru of Formula 1

War Aston Martin – Red Bull in the offices: Alonso’s team calls Newey, the great guru of Formula 1

Nobody expected it a few months ago, but the great rival of Red Bull this season is Aston Martin. Beyond sports, in recent weeks the two teams have been competing to get hold of some of the best engineers in the Formula 1. Guru JohlMorethe person in charge of aerodynamics of the team of Fernando Alonsohas just signed for Alpha Tauri, that is, for the Red Bull structure, and those from Silverstone are already preparing a lethal move: convince Adrian Neweythe greatest aerodynamics guru in motorsport history, to sign with them in 2024.

The 64-year-old English engineer has been working for almost 40 years in the best Formula 1 teams and being the thinking head of some of the best single-seaters in history. Altogether, he treasures 23 world: eleven drivers and twelve manufacturers. leads from 2005 at Red Bull, and thanks to him the energy drink team built the unbeatable machine that reigned supreme between 2010 and 2013. Before his adventure in Milton Keynes, Newey was in Williams in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Nigel Mansell y Alain Prost champions were proclaimed at that time. Then came the golden or “silver” age of McLaren-Mercedes. He landed in Woking in 1997 and won two World Cups in 1998 and 1999, with the Finn Mika Hakkinen on track.

Aston Martin opened the season with Red Bull in the spring of 2021, signing Newey’s right-hand man at Red Bull, Dan Fallows. The current technical director of Alonso’s team has been the great architect of the success of AMR23. At this start of the season, hints from the champions due to the supposed similarities of the green car with respect to the Red Bull have been increasing.

Leak at Aston Martin: Three engineers leave Silverstone

Following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Aston Martin has suffered three major losses in its workforce. Guru JohlMoreuntil now responsible for aerodynamics at Silverstone, has signed for Alpha Tauri, Red Bull’s B-team. Besides, Grant Kennedy y Mariano Alperin They have abandoned Alonso’s structure to sign for McLaren, desperate for the signings in the offices, after the disastrous start to the season.

According to the English journalist Tom Clarkson, at Aston Martin they are very attentive to Adrian Newey’s contract. The British finish it in 2024 and it continues without renewing. The insider affirms that Newey is impressed by the evolution of Aston and, since he is passionate about challenges, he does not rule out that he could accept an offer from Lawrence Stroll. In addition, the talent flight of the green team suggests that the Canadian is preparing a stratospheric supply to convince the Formula 1’s greatest engineering guru: end his unmatched career in an English team and with the prestige of the Aston Martin brand.


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