VIII edition of the Executive Finance Course for non-Finance Managers. Fundamentals of financial management in the professional football industry

The impact of the crisis, the possible future changes of ownership of some football clubs, the establishment of a media company for the management of TV rights, the evolution of stadium management make it even more important to have solid knowledge of financial statements and finance even for the uninitiated.

The new edition of the executive course, “Finance for Non-Finance Managers. Fundamentals of Financial Management in the Professional Football Industry”unique in the Italian panorama, combines economic-business aspects with technical-juridical ones in a completely peculiar context in which, even more than in the past, the good governance of football clubs becomes fundamental for the business continuity of the clubs.

Finance for non-Finance Managers is the first legal-economic university course for professionals in the football sector; provides the skills to manage the complexity of the business: sports results, team management, new professional skills. Integrated teaching with online lessons, webinars with theoretical and methodological insights, case analysis, group work, interventions by experts.

With the sponsorship, among others, of: Lega Serie A, Lega Nazionale Professionisti B, Lega Pro.

The course allows you to:

learn the basic knowledge relating to the functioning of football clubs;

discuss and develop autonomous research and professional paths in line with the individual business and management issues that characterize the football clubs presented during the course;

complete and consolidate pre-existing knowledge taking into account the professional and working experiences of the various supervisors;

expand your personal and professional network;

take advantage of the support of a dedicated tutor.

The objectives

Starting from the construction of theoretical foundations relating to the functioning and organization of professional football clubs, indispensable for understanding the topics and for using a common language, the executive course aims to offer an operational and practical insight into the main aspects of economic-financial nature of the professional football business which has acquired increasing levels of complexity in recent years.

To participate, it is necessary to register online by April 6, 2023.

Here all the info

Promoted by Cattolica for Sport.

With the patronage of LEGA Serie A, LNPB (Lega Nazionale Professionisti B), Lega Pro, Olympialex, Italian Association of Sports Lawyers, Sport Business Management, Italian Association of Football Coaches, Calcio Finanza.


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