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Just when we thought that the tiktokero Javier Ibarreche, It couldn’t be more pleasant and charismatic, we got another surprise when we saw the reaction of the former player of the Mexican National Team, Chicharito Hernández upon seeing him.

Through a video circulating on the net, we can see Chicharito very excited to see IbarrecheHere we tell you how their meeting was and why it was so special.

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Chicharito recognizes Ibarreche on the red carpet

Tik Tok user @Lizhpcoach He shared a short clip through his account where the former player of the Mexican National Team is seen, Javier Chicharito Hernández passing through the red carpet of the John Wick 4 premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, and as he walks Ibarreche greets him effusively, to which Chicharito seems to recognize him and comes over to say hello.

Visibly moved, the soccer player tells Ibarreche “Tocayo great fan of yours, admirer”, while shaking his hand and adding: “I already saw you there in the Oscars tiktoks”, and the tiktokero replies “I’m there old man, nice to meet you” leaving Javier Ibarreche clearly happy.

Javier Ibarreche is a young man of 29 years and has more than nine Millions of followers on Tik Tok. On his channel, he recommends movies, criticizes series, and reviews productions that are in fashion.

He has also interviewed various directors and artists such as Maya Zapata, Oscar Jaenada, Jamie Lee Curtiswho recognized him when he approached her during the Oscars 2023 champagne carpet.

Two years ago, he taught in high school and after opening and dabbling in Tik Tok, he became a promise in the review and criticism industry, and he is grateful for this fact:

“The fact that I am a few days away from fulfilling my biggest dream has to do with you,” he said, referring to his attendance at the Oscars.

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Currently Javier ibarreche also does stand up and produces the podcast “nothing to see” and upload content to your YouTube channel “I compare it to you.”


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