Víctor García: “Today the team has been in tune”

Gran Canaria was victorious against UCAM Murcia. “It has not been an easy game to play and we must congratulate our team,” said Víctor García after the game.

«It has been a game in which we must congratulate our team, for the level of energy that they have shown throughout the match. Murcia came at one of the best moments of the year, after securing their place in Chamipons and beating Unicaja and Tenerife. They have players like Trice, McFadden, and they have various skins that make you think. We have stayed in good tune. It was not an easy game to play. Everything has been very fast and that is inevitable ».

“The sanction seems outrageous to all of us. He’s been a helper for a long time and I’ve never seen anything like it. I agree that it is a grievance and you have to have respect for the coach. Today we have worked for the party and the work is what is there. There is no difference to what Jaka has done all week.

“It is very difficult to have that impact. Michael is a player who has arrived and has adapted quickly. He has given us energy and he has been accurate from the 3-point line. He has done the function for which he has been signed up. He has helped us in the match ».

«We talk continuously and we know the section of competition in which we are. Turk Telekom came, we played against Buducnost and they are also playing a lot. It’s a very important stage right after the cup. We have that goal of looking up in the playoff. They are hard moments, like the fact of also recovering from games like the one in Granada. It is important not to chain victories and for the team to continue like this.

“It is the result of a process. We ask this of the team and it is not always possible. There are times when you are more lucid, and as a coach we want it to last as long as possible. It is true that tactics often take a back seat if the player has that level of energy and wants to anticipate the ball. We must congratulate the players for fighting in two competitions.”



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