Vertonghen curses match against Eupen: “I sent the chairman to see if he could intervene”

Jan Vertonghen is crazy about cycling. He has his own managerial team and is in competition with Anderlecht’s doctors and physiotherapists. He has not yet been able to persuade the young guard. Sunday is the Tour of Flanders, but Vertonghen will not see the final.

After all, the match against Eupen is at 4 pm. Brian Riemer allows them to follow the course in the bus. “(blows) That’s until 2.30pm or something… I messaged the chairman to see if he could lobby to move that match. He wasn’t happy about it either. I would have thought that in his position he would prioritize know,” he joked.

For his managerial team there should be an unexpected winner. “I’m first, right? Write that down, definitely emphasize it! But to stay that way, Sepp Van Marcke would have to win. So I don’t have much chance. (laughs)”

Probably ‘the Big Three’ won’t let that happen. But who does Vertonghen still prefer? “Van Aert, Van der Poel or Pogacar, I don’t have a real favourite. I like to see all three race. But I mainly think about my team.”

“Depending on the score, I might look at the sidelines if we are ahead. If we are behind or if it is 0-0, I will of course concentrate heavily on the match.”


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