Van Wonderen: “Ajax has Álvarez, having such a player…

Kees van Wonderen
Foto: © Pro Shots

SC Heerenveen lost 2-4 to Ajax last Sunday without a chance. After twenty minutes it was 0-3 for the team from Amsterdam, so SC Heerenveen coach Kees van Wonderen had to make three substitutions in the first half.

For example, Simon Olsson and Rami Al Hajj were sacrificed by Van Wonderen. Yet the pain point of the Frisians is not so much with the attacking midfielders. “With Thom Haye, Anas Tahiri, Simon Olsson and Tibor Halilovic, the Frisians have four candidates for the place of double 6. However, they are all players who mainly have their qualities on the ball,” writes Reon Boeringa Football International.

Kees van Wonderen agrees with this observation. “Ajax has an Álvarez type, we don’t have such a player.” It means that SC Heerenveen, which plays more offensively after the winter break, is very vulnerable. Especially if the backs Mats Köhlert and Milan van Ewijk are also very offensive.

With nine games to go and only one point behind eighth place, anything is still possible for the Frisians. Then Van Wonderen must again ensure a good balance in the team. “We will try to do what is in our power, by emphasizing analysis, working on the training field. Because as a trainer you just want to get the most out of your team,” says the coach.


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