Uni visits Lugo with the aim of laying the first stone of the reconstruction

The United for a long time he had been dragging on his back a knapsack full of problems and setbacks of all kinds. The serious injury of Maria Araújo last week in Salamanca was the last straw and caused everything to explode three days later in the match against Jairis a Fontajau. Exhausted and dejected, the team melted into a game where everything went wrong and ended up being a shambles with the sending offs of Bernard Canute and, even from the pavilion speaker. A clear, painful and unexpected defeat (58-76) that made Canut admit at the end of the game that the team had “hit rock bottom”.

The competition, however, does not stop and this afternoon Uni has packed its bags for Lugo where tomorrow evening (1/4 of 8) it has a revalidation to reverse the bad dynamics (five defeats against Jairis, twice with the Perfumeries AvenueMersin and Valencia and only one win against him Gran Canaria, in six games). He does it after a couple of days of disconnection and a clean week of training to prepare for the game. “It’s been good for us not to accumulate fatigue. Refreshing the mind and legs is the first step to try to lay the foundation stone after so many misfortunes”, said the coach this afternoon.

“We have to start adapting to the new state of the workforce.” The Girona expedition traveled to Lugo with nine players, among them Iberian Sea, of the subsidiary. There are obviously no serious knee injuries, Nora Galve, Irati Etxarri and María Araújo, neither Binta Drammeh, still with physical problems. Yes, it will be there, on the contrary Ornella Bankole, the latest signing, and that Canut hopes will bring oxygen to a team that, against Jairis, seemed suffocated. “Circumstances must motivate us for everything that lies ahead. It’s not the last game of the season, so we can only make it grow. We have to know how to get out of adversity”, emphasizes the coach. The Lleida native admitted that Uni is going through a bad moment in terms of morale and results. “Everyone knows that we are in a situation that is not easy to manage, but it is always better to do it with a smile and motivated than to look at what is bad.”

As for the match, Canut trusts that Uni recovers its competitive spirit and is able to break this losing dynamic. “The important thing from the beginning will be to find positive feelings that augur us that the match can go well”, he said. The one of Headquarters of Urgell warns that Uni will have a “very tough” match against a rival who “knows we are in a difficult moment”. In this sense, Canut points out the power under the hoop of the Ensino players. “They already have five pivots Roundtree three people use it. That’s why they get many physical advantages of indoor balls with Giomi the Millerstoo”.


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