UD is upset against Málaga and Pimienta admits that: “We were afraid of winning”

Garcia Pepper He does not hide that his team was heartbroken against Málagathird from last in the standings, and who arrived in Gran Canaria “in a difficult situation”, according to his vision. “We have been afraid to win” The coach admitted about the draw against the Andalusian team, while accepting that the team “did not play a good game” and that it cost him two points after Álex Calvo’s equalizer with his goal in the 87th minute. “You can’t sneak between the two best defenders,” claimed the Catalan in reference to Álex Suárez and curbelowhich did not stop the series of dribbles of the young anchovy.

Asked if the team is going through a bad game, Pimienta admitted that there are certain doubts in the squad. “I would not say that we are not playing well, but not like at other times of the season”he expressed with a crooked gesture, to in turn underline that “at the end of the season all the teams get nervous because of everything they are playing for.”

Regarding the approach of the meeting, García Pimienta did not know very well how to delve into the analysis. “We were patient when the run-run was heard in the stadium and in the second half we knew that if we were mentally strong the goal would come”he added. However, with Pejiño’s goal and without “controlling the release of the ball” the coach puts his sights on the “three minutes in which the game got out of control and all the work was lost.”

All this despite the fact that the strategist also wants to make it clear that the template “does not have any physical downturn”because “the team never lost face of the match” and even after the Malaguista draw, “we had Clemente’s high shot and Jony’s final shot that almost made it 3-2”.

Along these lines, when asked about the substitutions of Mfulu, at halftime, and of Moleiro in the 72nd minute, the Barcelonan revealed the reasons. Nuke’s change is simply because he had a card, but not because he was thinking about the derby. If we look closely, Sergi played with that card. We thought that with Fabio we were going to have a little more speed and that was demonstrated because he was better positioned defensively”. While about the man from Tenerife he said that “he was the only one who noticed fatigue” because “during the past week he had a fever and he was still very cough.

Finally, regarding the ownership of Andone, Pimienta explained his decision: “We don’t have Sandro, nor Marc. Loren also had a fever for a few days and I really liked Florin’s 30 minutes against Andorra. He earned it. game was difficult. He left balls up front, he fought from behind”, he finished.


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