Two arbitration reports from Enríquez Negreira to Barça come to light

New chapter on the horizon ‘Negreira case’. After the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office took over the investigation, the ‘Libertad Digital’ portal published two arbitration reports of Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira intended for FC Barcelonaunder the title ‘Confidential arbitration report’, with the collegiate Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva y david perez pallas as protagonists in which the virtues, qualities and defects of the referees who had to whistle the Barça club are detailed.

The first report, from Villanueva Churchescurrent VAR referee, correspond to the match against Mallorca on November 11, 2012, a game that the Catalans won 2-4. The document, riddled with misspellings, reviews the professional data of the Aragonese referee and his balance of matches against Barçaand then also make a small personal profile.

“He is very well prepared physically, he follows the game very closely and arrives following the plays from the areas with ease, which allows him to almost always hit fast plays. He has more doubts in actions due to grabs in corners, as happens to all of them. He is a very technical and disciplined referee, which leads him to always admonish in regulatory cases. He is one of the few referees that this season has changed a team throw-in, for doing it too early. Due to his level of serenity and courage, he will admonish or he will expel as many players as deserved it. He is brave and usually makes very convinced decisions, that’s why he always admonishes fairly”, says a fragment of the report from Enríquez Negreira about Villanueva Churches.

Report by Enríquez Negreira on Iglesias Villanueva

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The other report is from david perez pallas and corresponds to the confrontation of the Barça B against Córdobafrom matchday 8 of the then-called Liga Adelante, and the document also explains the strengths and weaknesses of the Andalusian referee’s actions, emphasizing that he was famous for showing yellow cards for protests.

Report by Enríquez Negreira on David Pérez Pallas

Report by Enríquez Negreira on David Pérez Pallas

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These documents of Enríquez Negreira published by ‘Libertad Digital’, according to the newspaper itself, were seized during the house search of Joseph Contrerasformer manager of the blaugrana club who passed away last December.

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