Tuchel on his character: “That’s also my strength”

Most people agree that Thomas Tuchel is a top coach. The Bayern coach commented on the allegations that he was difficult as a guy on Friday.

A man who also casts shadows: Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel.

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“I have a very clear idea of ​​how I want some things to be,” said Thomas Tuchel bluntly on Friday, one day before Bayern’s top game against leaders Dortmund. Mind you, to questions about the allegations of being complicated and a difficult character to deal with – which he only sees himself as “very one-dimensional” describes.

Tuchel has had this reputation since he was at BVB at the latest, and the 49-year-old has been considered a hothead for much longer. The new Bayern coach didn’t really want to contradict the game day PK, but he classified his qualities a little differently.

“I’m too much a fan, too emotional, I love the game too much for it to leave me completely cold,” said Tuchel, who nevertheless emphasized that he “definitely calmed down” – “whether it’s the age or not”. Probably not. “On the sidelines it can happen that the game just pulls me in. Then it doesn’t make any difference whether I’m 35 or 49.”

With Conte it became almost violent

Tuchel himself recalled an example from the current season, when as a Chelsea coach he clashed with Antonio Conte, who has since been fired at Tottenham. Several times already during the game, but especially when shaking hands after the final whistle, when the 49-year-old didn’t want to let go and numerous assistants finally had to settle.

“Exceptions confirm the rule,” said Tuchel, who “sees one of my strengths” in emotionality. In addition, according to the top trainer, in positions with such great responsibility it can happen “that you argue with other decision-makers”. That’s why there are people in the football business “who portray it as difficult or complicated,” said Tuchel, “may be. But I also know people like that.”


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