Trops Málaga firmly beat Caserío and will play the promotion phase

Trops Málaga will play the promotion playoff to the Asobal League. The team from the capital of Malaga did their homework and won, on the last day of the regular season, against Hiros Caserío Ciudad Real, 31-26, in a match in which the La Mancha team, despite being already classified, came to the pavilion from the Los Olivos school with all the heavy artillery, since a yellow victory would have ousted the Trops in favor of Eón Alicante, whom they beat both in the first leg and in the second leg and, therefore, would have benefited for the phase by the title, dragging the points in the next round against direct rivals.

The people of Malaga have classified, thanks to a great match, against a good adversary and with Fray Francisco Baños from the Los Olivos school crowded –with smoke and lights in the tunnel for the players to leave the dressing room–, the team coached by Quino Soler agrees to the promotion phase as fourth place, with six points, four behind first and second place, Puerto Sagunto and Novás, who will leave with ten points, and three from third place, Nava, with nine points, since, at end of the competition, will give the right to play one last play off, round trip, against the penultimate Asobal classified.

Yesterday’s clash, Saturday, which gave the Trops their pass to the promotion phase for the second time in a row, was exciting, experienced with intensity on the track and in the stands.

The next meeting of the Trops will be on Wednesday, March 15, in the Los Olivos schools pavilion, in front of the historic Cangas of the Asobal League, corresponding to the third phase of the Copa del Rey, while the League will not return until the 25th. of March.


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