Triunfan Venadas in a basketball tournament

Last weekend, the sports center 2 of the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos (UAEM) hosted the tournament “De Mujer a Mujer 2023”, where several teams from the women’s branch from municipalities such as Cuautla, Jojutla, Cuernavaca, as well as the UTEZ universities and the UAEM hosts, were in charge of the actions developed in the capital.

It should be noted that of the UAEM deer commanded by Professor Sebastián Reyna, they obtained first place, defeating the Capitanas de Jojutla team in the final with a score of 39-22.

From the beginning, the teams showed all their power and the actions were very intense, with the objective of encouraging the practice of women’s burst sport, in addition to the fact that, for the representative team of the maximum house of studies, it was very profitable since it served as blanks and preparation for the selection process towards the stages of the National Universiade.

Finally, the UAEM Sports Director, Álvaro Reyna, reiterated the importance of strengthening progress in gender equality and protecting the rights and achievements of women. “I recognize and congratulate all the women, especially the women who participated in this sporting event in commemoration of such an important day,” said the director.


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