Třinec – Sparta 5:1, Gigant is out of the game! Prague was not enough to defend the title, the wait for the title continues

The Steelers extended Sparta’s wait for the title, which has been going on since 2007. Although the Prague team led 1:0 and 2:1 in the series with Třinec, they only beat Ondřej Kacetl twice in the last three games.

The main character of the sixth match was Tomáš Marcinko, who scored three points (2+1). The Slovakian striker first assisted Vladimír Dravecký’s goal and finished the power play into an empty net at the beginning of the second period.

In the 48th minute, Libor Hudáček increased the score from a breakaway with a spectacular loop between the legs. Michal Kempný immediately reduced, but the home team was soon calmed down by Marcinko. Martin Růžička sealed the win when Sparta played without a goalkeeper.

The introduction was carried out in a cautious spirit, yet Třinec struck in the eighth minute. Marcinko didn’t let Kovář cover the puck at the left stick and poked the puck into the space, where Dravecký found it in the jam and opened the scoring from close range. Sparta occupied the home players mainly with defenders’ shots from the blue line, but not many dangerous situations arose from them.

Třinec played two power plays at the beginning of the middle period and used the second one after effective cooperation. Marcinko kicked the puck to Růžiček, who was not in a hurry, returned the pass to him and the Slovak striker comfortably increased the ball.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

From the left, Sparta goalkeeper Jakub Kovář, Petr Vrána from Třinec and Mikael Stefan Warg from Sparta.Photo: Jaroslav OžanaCTK

Moments later, passions flared up on the ice between Hudáček and Kaš, but their rift had more wrestling parameters. The Spartans increased their momentum, and their first power play of the game started them.

But Kacetl kicked Horák’s shot out of the ring with concrete and caught Sobotka from close range. Not even a shot was taken by Řepík, who did not score in the series. On the other hand, Kovář was lucky after Adamek’s shot and the pressure of the third formation.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

From the left, David Němeček from Sparta and Andrej Nestrašil from Třinec.Photo: Jaroslav OžanaCTK

Třinec approached Hudáček’s progress from a solo escape, ending with a precise feint. In the next substitution, Kempný gave hope to Sparta with a cannonball from the ring under the crossbar and ended Kacetl’s bulletproof streak, which lasted almost 154 minutes.

However, Marcinko didn’t allow another drama, as he prevailed in another numerical advantage from the stoppage. In the 57th minute, the guests decided to take a risk in the sixth, but they were quickly punished by Růžička.

Extraliga playoff quarter-finals – 6th match:
HC Ocelári Třinec – HC Sparta Prague 5:1 (1:0, 1:0, 3:1)
Goals and assists: 8. Dravecký (Marcinko), 24. Marcinko (M. Růžička), 48. L. Hudáček (Marinčin, Kacetl), 51. Marcinko (M. Růžička, J. Jeřábek), 58. M. Růžička – 49. Kempný (Buchtele). Referee: Jeřábek, Šindel – Axman, Ondráček. Exclusion: 3:4. Usage: 2:0. Audience: 5,400 (sold out). Final score of the series: 4:2.
Třinec: Kacetl – Marinčin, Smith, Kaňák, J. Jeřábek, Marian Adámek, M. Doudera – M. Růžička, D. Voženílek, Daňo – Kurovský, P. Vrána, Nestrashil – Dravecký, Marcinko, L. Hudáček – Hrňa, Miloš Roman, Chmielewski. Coach: Moták.
Sparta: Jakub Kovář – Polášek, Kempný, Warg, Němeček, Krejčík, Moravčík – Řepík, Sobotka, M. Forman – D. Kaše, R. Horák, Tomášek – P. Kousal, D. Vitouch, Buchtele – E. Thorell, G .Thorell, Vauhkonen. Coaches: Horava and Wallson.


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