Trieste basketball ko: against Scafati the third consecutive defeat

Trieste basketball ko: against Scafati the third consecutive defeat

TRIESTE Dear Trieste, now be worried. In the third game that was giving away the possibility of bringing salvation closer, Pallacanestro Triesteo made up for the third consecutive defeat. After reviving Brescia which in the championship had a knockout streak and Reggio Emilia which held up the rear light on its own, last night Scafati turned on the light again who had lost five. Givova also concedes the favorable gap in direct clashes and life becomes more complicated given that in the next round the opponent at the Allianz Dome will be “only” Virtus Bologna.

The alarm in the red and white house rings loud above all as regards the defensive estate. The month of mastiffs is now over and now Trieste is embarking baskets. Scafati makes wonders from three points but how many times with the man on him? 32 points conceded in the second quarter are unacceptable when you have to spit blood to chase salvation. In the end he even risks going home with the penny. There is a lot to record in the red and white house to find the route.

Marco Legovich immediately proposes Jalen Hudson in the starting quintet, flanking him with Davis, Bartley, Terry and Spencer. The first basket belongs to the US wing, the latest arrival. A flash, then comes the 9-0 break from Campania facilitated by four turnovers from the red and white. Trieste’s response was signed exclusively by Frank Bartley: ten points in a row, with two triples. A display of dazzling talent masking someone else’s offensive uncertainty (Terry, for example). I overtake Trieste and counter-overtake Scafati who in the meantime lets Professor Logan in and discovers that a couple of days were enough for Krampelj to immerse himself in the group. The first quarter ends on 19 all, with the red and whites having already lost six balls but almost doubling their opponents in rebounds.

In the following partial between Ruzzier and Deangeli, Bartley goes to rest with Davis but on the other side David Logan demonstrates how you can travel towards 41 and not feel them on the parquet. Terry, previously removed in favor of Lever, returns but in Spencer’s place. Unusual Trieste quintet with Terry in the center and Deangeli as a power forward. Givova continues to rely on triples, so far with luck (7 out of 11 in the middle of the second quarter), but now she’s starting to find alternatives too and regains some margin. Legovich time-out on 33-27. In the following action Bartley strikes again from 6.75 but the first problem for Trieste is lurking: Lever’s third foul. Things could be worse. In fact outside Lever, inside Terry who in turn commits the third foul. At 17′ on 40-32 the red and whites have the two strong forwards penalised. Deangeli “4”, Okoye rages, Thompson imitates him. Another time-out from Legovich. Givova absolutely devastating from three flies even at +10 with Imbrò. We go into the break at 51-40 with sensational statistics for the Campania players (10 out of 16, 63% from three). In a quarter the red and white collect 32 points. For Trieste 7 assists in one half by Corey Davis but also 5 turnovers and two out of 8 from the field. The best thing? Bartley’s 15 points in 17 minutes, ça van sans dire…

The interval returned a PallTrieste finally more solid and attentive in defense. And change the music. Scafati has less space to take easy triples, Trieste believes in it, and how. Two alley-oops from Terry, bombs from Bartley, Hudson, Davis. Boom-boom-boom. Asphyxiating intensity and crazy partial: 17-1! The game completely reopened and resumed in hand. The people from Campania are now struggling in attack while the red and white have filled up on confidence and self-esteem. 55-61 in the 27th minute. Another triple from Bartley but Scafati finds his hand a bit: Rossato and Logan from 6.75 bring it back to minus 1 (63-64). Trieste doesn’t understand that the match is turning again: a foul by Ruzzier allows Hannah to hit three free throws and Mian’s bomb also arrives. 12-0 Givova. We go to play the last quarter down by three (69-66).

Imbrò is annoying but Trieste is there and replies. David Logan thinks to break the balance by inventing an incredible triple. Okoye, also a three, extends. Eight points to recover (80-72) with seven minutes to play. The red and whites try four wingers in a quintet, then Terry returns and Bartley comes out. Trieste forces from three to quickly shorten the delay but the result is disastrous. 5 minutes from the siren we are minus 10 (84-74). To kill hopes Terry gives a hand who served from below first gives a (questionable) throw-in to Scafati and then gets Thompson beaten by adding a foul. Trieste does not give up. He returns to minus 7 but then has to surrender to Logan’s umpteenth magic. —


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