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When the Masters starts in Indian Wells this week, he will often be the center of attention again: Tommy Haas. The German has been the tournament director in the Californian desert since 2017. And one thing is for sure: The former number 2 in the world itches when he sees the pros playing and training at “his” tournament. Because Haas, who is still in top form, would certainly be good for one or the other surprise in the main field.


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One could almost speak of a new trend: young tournament directors who hit the ball so well that they are even more active tennis players than passive tennis officials. Last week, Spaniard Feliciano Lopez demonstrated it at the 500 tournament in Acapulco. The Spaniard, who is the tournament director at the Masters in Madrid, served at the tournament in Acapulco and reached the second round there at the age of 41, losing 2: 6, 6: 7 (6: 8) to US boy Francis tiafoe These are the Spaniard’s last appearances as a professional. He serves where he still receives a wild card. At the end of the year he wants to stop for good. In the world rankings, he is no longer in the top 1000.

Tommy Haas has already done all that. In 2018, the German, worn down by injuries, gave up professional tennis. But he hasn’t really gotten away from tennis since then. On his Instagram account you can see exactly how much and how often the 44-year-old still plays. If he shows himself there during training without a T-shirt (and he often does), one thing is certain: his athlete’s body doesn’t have to hide from any 20-year-old.

In 2020 he wins against Jan-Lennard Struff

Champions tournaments, men’s 30 Bundesliga, charity meetings: Haas is still busy getting involved everywhere. Travel around the world for this. He regularly wins champions tournaments and is also a safe point for the TC Großhesselohe in the men’s 30 Bundesliga when he serves.

His victory in 2020 at an invitation tournament in Berlin against Jan-Lennard Struff was also legendary. At that point at the latest, it became clear to everyone: Tommy still hits the ball three years after the end of his career.

Tournament director Haas in Indian Wells will certainly think to himself in some matches: I could do better: And in many cases he is probably right.


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