Tour winner Wiggins substantiates sexual abuse

Dhe former Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins has specified the sexual abuse he experienced as a teenager. “It happened over a period of three years. I can’t remember how many times. We talk from small incidents to near rape, sexual abuse, whatever you want to call it,” the 42-year-old said on the Happy Place podcast. For the first time, the Briton reported last year about the abuse he had suffered from a trainer.

Now the 2012 Tour winner went into more detail about his experiences from the age of 12. “My greatest shame was that a man had done this to me. I couldn’t grasp this abnormality, especially at the age of 13,” Wiggins said. “From that moment on, I acted as if none of that had happened and dedicated my life to cycling as a distraction.” At that time he couldn’t confide in anyone. When he ended his cycling career at the age of 36, the memories came flooding back.

Wiggins has now finished cycling and no longer works as a TV expert. “I would be nothing without cycling, it gave me everything. But at the same time he took almost everything from me,” said the Olympic champion.

“I think all of my success comes from misfortune and running away from the problems in my life. I guess that’s the difference between being good and great at something. I think greatness comes from misfortune.” Today he feels like a freer person who doesn’t have to chase after anything anymore.


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