Today share a day of fishing in a trawler boat

Today share a day of fishing in a trawler boat

“Nowadays” embarks this Thursday to share a day of fishing on a trawler in Motril. We will talk about the situation of the sector and we will share a fishing day with sailors and shipowners so that they can tell us about their concerns and fears of a very Andalusian traditional art, which faces an uncertain future.

Neighbors of Iznalloz gather again to ask for more means to end the insecurity that lives in their streets. They have been denouncing robberies, squatting and even illegal races for a year.

It still hasn’t rained and the experts warn: Seville could go on drought alert next week if the situation remains the same. The dammed water in Andalusia is well below the average of the last 10 years.

The Bank of Spain warns that the price of food will continue to rise for several more months and increases its cost to 12% in 2023. According to the INE, it has accumulated a 16% increase in the last twelve months.

With just over 10 days to go until Palm Sunday, the interest in getting a seat in the official race in Seville to see the images increases. And on the occasion of the Holy Burial, which has not been celebrated in Seville since 2004, the resale of season tickets to see the processions of Holy Week in Seville has skyrocketed this year.

The paper prospectuses of medicines could have their days numbered. The European Commission is preparing a reform of pharmaceutical legislation for next year so that the historical leaflets are replaced by a system of digital QR codes.

In Cádiz, the investigation continues to find out what could have gone wrong in the fertility treatment that a family underwent that discovered 2 years later that the sperm used was not that of the father, but of an unknown third party.

The Alpujarra lives this Thursday a big day with the traditional descent of the Christ of the Expiration from his dressing room where he is all year round to the main altar in the church of the Expectation of Órgiva. And he does it between cheers and fireworks.

Today we meet an elite athlete. His name is Pepe, he is from Huelva and he is 77 years old. He has practiced archery all his life and has been champion of Spain up to 12 times. A passion that he has also instilled in his children and grandchildren.

Today we are going to Córdoba to make the recipe of the day. We enter a restaurant located in a 19th century mansion. Visiting it and learning about its history is part of the gastronomic experience that this place offers.

One month before the traditional April Fair in Seville takes place, we went to an expert stylist in flamenco fashion. Because not only the suit is important, but also the hairstyle, makeup and accessories. What are the trends this year? We know them from the hand of one of the most prestigious hairdressers in Seville: Manuel Cecilio.

His name is José Antonio, he is a 30-year-old young man from Córdoba and at 25 he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as ALS.

A diagnosis that was a small bump for him, but not an insurmountable wall. José Antonio is the clear example of self-improvement as a lifestyle.

We start the day with the best possible taste in our mouths: the one offered by this workshop from Málaga, from Rincón de la Victoria. A hundred-year-old business, which has been standing since 1852. In the Guijarro pastry shop they make all their products completely by hand.

Broadcast date: Thursday, March 23, at 9:55 a.m., on Canal Sur Televisión.


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