Tiziano Falcone imposes himself in the -81 kg, also Maddaloni and Pedrotti on the podium – OA Sport

Three more podiums arrive for Italy on the second and final day of competition of theJudo European Open Rome 2023 on the tatami of the PalaPellicone in Ostia. Also counting yesterday’s results, the Bel Paese finishes in fourth place in the virtual medal table of the event with a first, a second and five third places, to which we must add seven, then and five seventh places.

The only blue triumph was signed on day-2 by Tiziano Falcone in the category up to 81 kg. The 23-year-old, who finished fifth at the Grand Slam Tbilisi 2022, won the tournament by ippon beating Bulgarian Georgi Gramatikov in the final at the end of an exciting journey. Also noteworthy in the same weight category is the third place conquered by Bright Maddaloni, regulating the Slovenian Jus Mecilosek by ippon in the final.

Nice result in the women’s field by Irene Pedrottistopped in the semifinals by the listed German Giovanna Scoccimarro to then climb to the third step of the podium in the 70 kg, imposing herself in the last act for hansoku make over the Chinese Anqi Sun. Finally, the fifth places of Enrico Bergamelli (100 kg) and Leonardo Casaglia ( 81 kg), in addition to the seventh place of Lorenzo Parodi (81 kg) and Mattia Gallina (90 kg).

Below the summary of the podiums of the second day of the European Open Rome 2023 in judo:

-70 kg F
1 Scoccimarro (Ger)
2 Niang (Mar)
3 Pedrotti (Ita) and Chrysostom (By)

-78 kg F
1 Olek (Ger)
2 Igl (Ger)
3 Derks (Down) e Zatchi Bi (Off)

+78 kg F
1 Su (Chn)
2 Andrews (Nzl)
3 Xu (Chn) e Dijkstra (Ned)

-81 kg M
1 Falcone (Ita)
2 Gramatikov (Bul)
3 Maddaloni (Ita) e Kopecky (Jun)

-90 kg M
1 Kryzhanskyi (Ukr)
2 Ladies (From)
3 Livolsi (Fra) and Grandson Trinidad (Esp)

-100 kg M
1 Gonzalez (Rou)
2 Lovell-Hewitt (Gbr)
3 Petersilka (Ger) and Georgiev (Bul)

+100 kg M
1 Andreev (From)
2 scribes (Ger)
3 Delvert (Fra) e Szczurowski (Pol)

Photo: IJF



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