Timberwolves – Lakers Tip, Prognosis & Odds

The Timberwolves are currently on a roll and, after four wins in a row, were defeated again last night by a stronger opponent. The Suns won narrowly, but deservedly with 107:100.

Their own defense is top-notch, as evidenced not only by their current 113.1 def rating, but also by the fact that they managed to limit a dream team like Arizona to a mere 107 point return yesterday.

That’s why many NBA fans are convinced that the Lakers don’t stand a chance tonight. After all, the LAL offense hasn’t been powerful enough for much of the season to make the difference.

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While this assessment is also correct, it does not take sufficient account of the fact that LeBron James was absent for large parts of the season and has now returned with some usual good performances in the double header against the Bulls.

In fact, the Timberwolves have already won both regular season games of the current season against Los Angeles. First with 111:102 and then just under a month ago with 110:102.

But in both duels, the Wolves never saw each other LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the same time across from! In both games, part of the congenial Los Angeles Lakers duo was missing from the starting five.


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