Three Descendant Players May Join TC U-20 National Team in Korea


Three new descent players will likely join the U-20 Indonesian National Team in South Korea. They are Justin Hubner, Rafael Struick and Ivar Jenner.

Currently the three have not joined the U-20 National Team Training Center (TC) which has been held in Jakarta since Monday (20/3/2023) and will last until April 1. Afterwards, the U-20 National Team will continue training in South Korea starting April 2.

It is in the Land of Ginseng that it is likely that these descendants will only join. “Honestly, I can’t promise when they can join. In fact, we will go to Korea on April 2, when we go there,” said U-20 National Team Coach Shin Tae-yong to reporters.

“I’m preparing so that Rafael, Ivar, Justin can join Korea directly,” he added.

Meanwhile, Justin Hubner is currently at a crossroads. His name is included in the U-20 Dutch national team which will hold trials against France on March 25.

Even so, the player’s naturalization process has received approval from the DPR RI in a plenary meeting which was held on Tuesday (21/3). Regarding this, Shin Tae-yong also established communication with the Wolverhampton Wanderers U-21 defender.

“This can indeed happen like this because the naturalization process is not fast enough. But I immediately called Justin a few days ago,” said Shin Tae-yong.

“So even though he is called up by the Dutch national team, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that he is still in the naturalization process. I believe he will come to the Indonesian national team,” he said.

Indonesia is preparing for the 2023 U-20 World Cup which will take place from 20 May to 11 June.



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