Three Andalusian teams will fight for the Badminton League

Jose Antonio Jimenez

Jose Antonio Jimenez

The four best national badminton clubs will face each other this coming weekend with the aim of awarding the best with the League title. Namely: Club Badminton Rinconada (one of the 30 clubs that are part of ACELITE), La Orden, Club Badminton Arjonilla and Club Badminton Oviedo. Three Andalusian teams (the first three) against one Asturian.

A priori, this is what the connoisseurs say, CB Rinconada has to be in the final (the semifinal is played in a single match at their stadium, the Fernando Martín Pavilion in the Seville town of La Rinconada). A final in which the Huelva team from La Orden should also be (they also have the home field advantage over the Jaen team).

A hypothetical final between the Sevillians and Huelva, which would already be played in a double game and with a field advantage for the team that does best in the semifinals (the return would be played with the always necessary support of its people).

CB Rinconada and La Orden, titles in hand, are the best teams in a League that this year has been more even than expected. Clubs that will fight from this weekend for a League title that in previous editions has already gone to their showcases.

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