“They took 45 million people hostage” SHOW El Intransigente

The problems in Argentina They grow day by day and society is going through a delicate economic and cultural moment. A faithful reflection of this is the situation that Rosario lives in the framework of the unsafety by drug traffickers. He focused on this topic Viviana Canosa in his editorial, which was widely criticized for Alberto Fernandez y Cristina Kirchner.

The driver, after repudiating the security measures taken by the Government, began to read a story to counteract the story they make from Casa Rosada with the act of violence that Lionel Messi experienced. «From the creators of the narcos won, it starts like this. Once upon a time there was a country ruled by drug traffickers who defended criminals and corrupt“, start.

«They did not take care of education, health, children and the elderly. An illicit association of 16 years are. They took 45 million people hostage. Welcome to the country of the wimp and the wicker, ruled by jets. Jets that strove and strive everything. All these jets strove for this wonderful Argentina,” added Viviana Canosa.

To close with the letter, he asked himself: «Do they represent you? Not me”. After this, he continued to criticize the Government and questioned the lax response of Alberto Fernández in the face of the climate of extreme tension that they are experiencing in Santa Fe with the escalation of the drug traffickers. “I no longer have a doubt that he is an idiot,” concluded the journalist in her LN + program.

The request of the Government to Messi

Finally, Viviana Canosa pointed against Sabina Frederic, who asked Lionel Messi for collaboration in a disarmament campaign. “The nerve he wants Messi for a disarmament campaign. Cynicism and imbecility has no ceiling. They put 14 shots in Antonella’s father’s supermarket and they want it for a campaign against drug traffickers, tremendous. they are geniuses“, he ironized.

“Messi, take your family elsewhere, I lived calmly, skinny. Three days after the photo was shot at the supermarket. Only in the country of the wimp and the roving frame does this happen. The one who did not have the photo was Alberto and he said that he is sure that he will win but we are almost all sure that this will not happen because if he goes out and talks to people they will shoot him, “he concluded.



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