They request the arrest of Ramón Díaz’s son after the crash in which two people died

The Prosecutor’s Office hearing the case requested the arrest of Michael Diazthe son of coach Ramón Díaz, in the framework of the investigation into the crash that he starred in on Tuesday on Route 5 and as a result of which his wife and the man who was driving the other vehicle died.

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The request of the Prosecutor’s Office was made before the Guarantee Court No. 3. Specifically, the conversion of the arrest into detention was requested in relation to the crime of “Wrongful homicide for dealing with more than one fatality and culpable injuries.” The Judge has five days to determine whether to grant this request.

This Thursday, the prosecutor and his assistants went to the Anchorena San Martín clinic with the aim of taking a statement from Michael Díaz. However, the doctors told him that he is not yet psychologically fit to testify.

Ramón Díaz’s son will undergo surgery on Friday for a fractured femur.

Former soccer player Michael Díaz was driving the truck that collided head-on with a utility vehicle near the town of 9 de Julio. (Photo: Networks)

How was the accident of Michael Díaz?

Although it is the subject of investigation, witnesses declared that Michael Díaz (former player of San Lorenzo when his father led the team in 2007/2008), was on board the RAM in the direction of July 9, at which time he would have invaded the opposite lane and when he found himself face to face with the utility vehicle he threw himself on the shoulder and there the fatal collision would have occurred because the driver of the Kangoo also maneuvered towards the same place.

Michael Diaz, his wife, Barbara Oliver and their son Milo. (TN Photo)

Product of the collision died Barbara Oliver, 32 years old, the wife of Michel Díaz. The woman was not wearing a seatbelt. she also passed away Aldo Flaquéa 65-year-old commission agent who lived in the city of 25 de Mayo and who was traveling for work.

How is Milo, the son of Michael Díaz and grandson of Ramón Díaz?

Along with Michael, his eight-year-old son, Milo. The little one was also inside the vehicle that had an accident on the road, but fortunately he did not suffer any type of injury. Only as a precaution he had been transferred in the first instance to the Julio de Vedia Hospital on July 9.

“He is in a state of shock, he does not remember anything”revealed relatives of the Oliver family to TN, regarding the state of Milo. Due to this dazed situation, they have decided for the moment not to tell him about the death of his mother, who was buried on Wednesday afternoon.



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