They publish the messages exchanged by Alves’ best friend and the alleged victim’s cousin

It’s been more than two months now Dani Alves entered into preventive prisonaccused of presumed rape to a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​which would have taken place at dawn on December 31 last year. Since then, a lot of information about the case has come to light and every week there is some detail that transcends.

This Monday, ‘Ana Rosa’s program‘ has published exclusively about messages that they exchanged the day after the events Brunothe footballer’s best friend in Barcelona, ​​and the cousin of the alleged victim. They were both in Sutton that night.

These weeks, in which Alves has been and is interned in prison Brian’s 2, Bruno has stayed by his side. The cook, who takes the nutrition of the Brazilian, visit him every weekend. In fact, this Sunday he also did it together with Joana Sanzwho despite having announced their separation, also made it clear that she would remain by her still husband’s side.

The messages published by ‘The Ana Rosa program’

Specifically, the journalist explained this Monday Mike NavarroIt was Bruno who wrote to the young woman the day after what happened in Sutton. He did it via Instagramsince the night before both would have exchanged their profiles.

“Let’s be brothers. My house is in… I’m not always here, but whatever you need here I am available. I liked your sister and you as people. I am always ready to meet good friends,” Bruno wrote to the young woman. A message that she responded as follows: “Thank you, same to you. Happy new year“.

They publish the messages that Alves’s best friend exchanged with the cousin of the alleged victim.


These messages, Navarro has clarified, “appear in the summary, they were introduced by the Mossos“. However, the interpretation that has been made of them varies depending on who analyzes them.

“The truth is that the interpretation is different if Alves’ defense lawyer or the prosecution does it”, the journalist began to explain in the Telecinco magazine. For Alves’ legal team, “they reflect normal and they assure that at the moment in which that conversation took place, the cousin already knew what had happened in the bathroom.

Mayka Navarro in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’.


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The interpretation made by the lawyer of the alleged victim is different. In this case, they say that “what the Brazilian chef did was get in touch with them to establish a relationship and identify if at any time they intended to file a complaint“.


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