“They Hate Us”, a member of the LIV very motivated to beat the PGA Tour players at the Masters!

Member of the LIV, Joaquin Niemann, raised the tension a notch one week before the Augusta Masters with “inflammable” statements on the atmosphere between the players of the two circuits!

Joaquin Niemann will be one of 18 players from the LIV Golf Rebels splinter circuit to play in the first major of the season next week in Augusta. And obviously the Chilean has decided to add fuel to the fire.

While some like Brooks Koepka claimed that everything was fine between him and his ex-PGA Tour colleagues and that it was all the media’s fault, it seems the two-time US Tour-winning South American has a different opinion.

The buzzing video

In an explosive interview on the site in the preamble to the Masters the 26th player in the world did not make the language of wood.

“I really don’t care if people like LIV or not and what they think of us. I think it will be more fun for us to know that they hate us.” explains Niemann speaking of the PGA Tour and continuing on his motivation. “When I understood that we could go play the 4 majors I thought it would be so funny to beat them. It is a source of motivation.”

Beyond the controversies and “squabbles” between players, the four majors are especially for the qualified LIV rebels, the rare opportunities to score important points in the world rankings.

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